VA Support & Care

Veterans in home careWe love helping military veterans and their families. They served our country and now it’s our time to serve them. We will work with Veteran Affairs in dealing with the types of service the veteran needs as well as working out the financial side of benefit payments. It’s just another example of how Senior Check-In works with you to make the entire process as easy as possible.

Nearly all Veterans or their Widow(ers) in Assisted Living Facilities, or other Senior Facilities, are at least 65; yet only a small percentage of them are receiving the benefit. Generally they are simply unaware of their possible eligibility.

Care Bridge, a public information company whose personnel have been trained to seek out Veterans and their Widows who may be entitled to the Department of Veterans Affairs benefits, particularly a little known improved pension benefit.

The Veterans Improved Pension Benefit is substantial! Up to $2,019.00 per moth – TAX FREE!

We will work with any Veteran or Widow(er) of a Veteran, to qualify for their allowable benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Nobody will ever be denied our services.

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