About Senior Check-in

High Tech. Higher Touch.

Senior Check-In is taking a modern approach to in-home care. Because your days are hectic enough, we have simplified the communication process. When a care team member “checks-in” at a loved one’s house, you will be notified through your mobile device. And when the visit is over, we will “check-in” with you once again to let you know everything is all right. With just a simple glance of your cell phone, you can know the status instantly. And you can follow up with us whenever you want.

Now Is the Time to Get Started

Whether a senior is battling Alzheimer’s or is just starting to show signs of needing additional assistance, now’s the time to call us. We begin the process by assigning you a Care Manager, someone who will be your main contact the whole time you’re with us. We then get to the business of assessing your needs from medical care to the frequency of visits. Our goal is to make the transition for your loved one to our care as easy as possible.

When It Comes To Payment, There Are Options

Just as we provide options for care, we also provide options for payment. Ask us and we will sit down and work with you on possible payment plans. Your loved ones need help, and we want to help you provide it.

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